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This is a rare shot of a female northern elephant seal underwater.  It's easy and common to see these guys on land, but they forage far off shore in the deep water so capturing them wet is challenging.  I was able to shoot this curious female while tagging along with a few biologists to the remote San Benito Islands off of Baja Mexico.  Of course I wanted to go to follow and document the tagging research the scientists were doing, but I had a alterior motive.  I knew these islands had a set of shallow lagoons near some of the seal haul out sites, and they were ideal for trying to capture some underwater elephants.  After some patience and a good dose of luck, I was able to pull this off.  I had spent a couple of full days and several hourse in the water, but was  only able to get few shots.  I hope to be able to try this again.  Fun!